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The Monzi Fitness Plan

Enhance your fitness journey with our comprehensive 1-on-1 and do-it-yourself fitness programs and courses. If you need help in choosing a program suitable for you, contact us at Happy to help!​

1-on-1 Custom Mobility & Posture Correction

Improve your mobility and rebalance your muscles to move better and feel younger!

The Sedentary Reverse Program (Coming Soon)

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and have pains, stiffness, and low energy, this is the program you need to get back to doing the things you love, without the limitations.

Seniors Fall Prevention (Coming Soon)

Regain your balance and muscle strength to prevent injuries from falls. P.S. If you have snowy and icy winters, check this one out!

People in their 60s and 70s may find it difficult to maintain good posture while working long hours at a desk. Most of the time we don’t even notice how much we hunch forward and round our shoulders. The exercises she recommends are designed to help you regain your natural posture and address any imbalances. I strongly encourage you to get in touch with Monica and see what she can do for you

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Key Benefit

A lack of strength opens the doors to many problems including pain, poor posture, and an inability to remain independent as you age. Make your life easier by getting strong!